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Let Us Take Care of Your Red Eye Problem


“Doctor, do I have pink eye,” or “is it just pink eye”?  This a common question that we as ophthalmologists hear from patients in the office.  However, it should be noted that a red eye is not a specific diagnosis, but rather a sign that the eye is “not happy.”  Similar to when we have a fever, the fever is not a diagnosis, but rather a sign of another condition in the body such as an infection.


The term “pink eye,” classically refers to a viral conjunctivitis which occurs in elementary school children which is extremely contagious and often, acutely debilitating.  There is no effective treatment as it is due to a similar virus as the common cold.  However, it generally runs it course over two weeks and then everything is fine.


However, a red eye should not be taken lightly, and seeking appropriate care is very important.  A red eye could be caused from dry eye, allergy, bacterial, viral, or fungal infection, iritis/uveitis (inflammation) in the eye, or acute glaucoma.  Overlooked, undiagnosed, and untreated red eye from a number of conditions could lead to loss of vision or even blindness.


Dr. John Ghobrial completed residency training in ophthalmology, and then additional fellowship training in Cornea and External disease from Tulane University.  With his additional training and experience, he is well-suited to pinpoint and manage red eye cases, and help patients feel better quickly and help prevent further problems in the future.