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How Telehealth Works for Your Eye Health

How Telehealth Works for Your Eye Health

Nothing beats an in-person visit, whether it’s socializing with friends or consulting with a doctor. However, not everyone feels comfortable or safe venturing into a doctor’s office these days. As you’ve gotten used to working — and doing most everything else — from home, you may find it’s easier to keep up on your eye health and prescriptions through telehealth

Our team at Eye Associates of Monmouth in Colts Neck, New Jersey, is proud to provide telehealth services for you and your family. John Ghobrial, MD, an expert ophthalmologist, uses the latest technology to evaluate your eyes and answer questions about your eye health from the comfort and safety of your home. Here’s how.

Performing eye exams

When you’re pretty sure your eyes are healthy and your prescriptions seem to be working, you may be tempted to skip your annual eye exam. After all, it takes time to schedule the appointment, drive there, wait, and then finally go through your battery of tests.

Telehealth cuts the time you need to allot to your vision tests, so you can schedule them more regularly and ensure your eyes get the attention and care they need. You have a face-to-face conversation with Dr. Ghobrial using a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform. 

We use high-definition cameras and you use your high-definition SmartPhone so Dr. Ghobrial can test your visual acuity and peripheral vision. We can also adjust your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions using this system.

Checking for eye conditions

Many common eye conditions can be diagnosed by a simple visual examination. You share close-up images of the areas that concern you in real time. Some conditions that are easily diagnosed via telehealth include:

  • Dry eye
  • Chalazion (eyelid bump)
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Blepharitis (inflamed eyelids)
  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage (red spot)
  • Surfer’s eye

Dr. Ghobrial can prescribe any medication you may need and send the prescription electronically to your pharmacy. He then schedules a follow-up exam to be sure your condition improves with treatment.

Today’s technology even allows eye doctors to check for serious eye conditions. For example, if you have diabetes, you’re at risk for a potentially serious condition called diabetic retinopathy that causes blindness if it’s not caught and treated in time. You must see your ophthalmologist at least twice a year so they can look inside your eye to be sure retinopathy isn’t threatening your eye health.

Regular in-person checkups are best, but using a specialized retinal camera, you can send us images of the inside of your eyes so we can assess the health of your retina and the blood vessels that feed it. If we detect diabetic retinopathy, you may be able to control it by managing your blood sugar, or you may need in-person treatments. 

Even glaucoma can be tested remotely. You use an FDA-approved handheld device to test your intraocular pressure. We also test for macular degeneration — one of the leading causes of blindness — by asking you to check your vision with an Amsler Grid test.

Answering your questions

In these days of telehealth, it’s easier than ever to keep your eyes healthy and your prescriptions up to date. You can also schedule a telehealth consultation if you’re considering laser vision correction and have questions about it or if you want to learn more about the cosmetic services we offer.

To schedule your telehealth appointment, contact our friendly team by phoning our office or using our online booking tool.

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